Freeox Biotech is an innovative late-stage clinical company singularly focused on the discovery and development of Cerebrovascular Protective Therapeutics




Phase III-ready Ox-01 is the most advanced investigational drug in the FreeOx pipeline today


LipOx is a proprietary liposomal formulation technology based on Uric Acid



The main objective of Freeox Biotech is to establish a strategic partnership with third party pharmaceutical company to complete the development of Ox-01 until its clinical validation, registration and commercialization in main territories.



A new study has found that women who suffer from a stroke tend to recover without disabilities if they take uric acid with anti-clotting medication.

The study, which came out in the July 9 issue of the American Heart Association’s journal “Stroke” and was quoted by several sources, showed that 42% of female stroke patients treated with clot busters and uric acid had little or no disability after 90 days compared with 29% who were treated with clot busters and a placebo.