Dr. Ángel Chamorro

Co-Founder & Senior Scientific Advisor and co-chair of DSAB

Angel Chamorro is a distinguished figure in Cerebrovascular Protective Therapeutics (CPT) and holds the position of Professor of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Barcelona. Concurrently, he serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Iowa in the United States. His leadership extends to heading the cerebral vascular pathology unit and directing the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona.

Angel’s major research areas focus on the immunological response to acute stroke and the identification of new neuroprotective therapies. Notably, he is a pioneer in identifying and developing uric acid as a potential new therapy in acute stroke. As the Principal Investigator in several significant clinical trials, including RAPID, ESPIAS, and URICOICTUS, Angel continues to lead impactful research in stroke management. The Stroke Functional Unit under his direction at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona has received numerous awards for Excellence in Medical Care, highlighting Angel’s significant contributions to stroke care and research.

His contributions to stroke research are vast, co-authoring more than 200 original research articles in high-impact journals. Angel’s influence also extends to serving on the Editorial Board of prominent journals such as Stroke, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Journal of Neurology, Neurología, and PlosOne. A Fellow of the European Stroke Organization (FESO) and a Member of its Board of Directors, Angel’s dedication to advancing stroke research is evident through his active involvement in various international scientific meetings.

His academic journey includes a Medicine degree from the University of Valladolid (Spain) and a title in Neurology from the Hospital Clínico de San Carlos of Madrid. Notably, he pursued a Stroke Clinical Fellowship at the Neurological Institute at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, USA.